A large population of Johnstown Presbyterian Youth are also Johnstown-Monroe High School Big Red Band members. We're proud to help promote their upcoming fundraiser! Check out the video below, and keep scrolling for more info and a special offer!

Come join the big red band in their 6th annual mattress sale fundraiser. Yes you read that correctly. A full showroom of mattresses will be set up in the new Johnstown High School cafeteria Saturday February 17th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. there'll be 25 different name brand mattresses all available in any size. If you have any mattress that could be replaced in your house and want to come support the band and we hope to see you here on February 17th. Other accessories include headboards pillows sheets frames and mattress protectors. Any purchase helps raise money for the Johnstown band for new instrument needs as well as future trips.

Click HERE to download a flyer to receive free drop-off delivery with any mattress purchase

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