I became a Christian for a number of reasons.  

Some of those reasons are that I grew up in a family that was Christian, I attended church regularly as a child and became familiar with the Christian faith, and there were really no other faith traditions that were ever presented as an option to me besides Christianity.  And none of these reasons are ones that would ultimately be the best reason to come to faith in Christ. The truest reason that I became a Christian and decided to enter full time into ministry is because of Jesus Christ himself. When I truly learned about and experienced the love and grace of God through Christ and saw how beautiful and revolutionary it is – that is when I knew that a relationship with Christ was what I wanted for my life.  

However, the way I came to that experience was not during a church service or any type of worship event.  I wasn’t argued into choosing Christ through intellectual or logical reasoning – even though I do believe it is a solid intellectual choice.  The way I truly experienced Christ was when I became involved in the mission experiences offered by my church, especially the first experience I had has a youth.  When I traveled with my church to an area of West Virginia and saw how people on that mission team were living out their faith by helping others in need, I knew that I had connected with something real.  I loved how active and tangible my faith began to be and how easy it was to truly reveal the person of Christ to others through action. And mission work has continued to be a part of my Christian walk ever since.

One of the primary things I love about Johnstown Presbyterian Church is the level of involvement and interest in doing mission work locally, regionally and internationally.  It is truly a witness to God’s grace and mercy to see so many people involved in so many ways as we live out our faith in God and seek to share the love of Christ with others.

Many of you know that these efforts, however, do come at a cost.  The reality of life is that mission work certainly requires a willing heart and sense of God’s calling, but it also requires funding and resources to make it happen.  And in the month of July we have a really fun opportunity to help enable the mission work of our church through Summerfest. This festival will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 1pm-9pm in our parking lot and will be a great day of food trucks, games, live & silent auctions, and music.  I would encourage all of you to spread the word about Summerfest and invite neighbors and friends to come. And if you are available and interested – I would also encourage you to volunteer to help at the festival as well. We have many opportunities to get involved and to help enable the work that God is doing through JPC!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin