Heading to The Biggest Little Fair in the world?

Check out all of our church family that are taking part! Click HERE for fair info.

Grace Almendinger has dairy feeders.

Sidney Blair has a dairy feeder and is on the Junior Fair Board.

Carolyn Friedberg entered a Log Cabin Quilt, it will be in the Arts Barn.

Austin Hurst has a lamb.

Brenna Hurst has a market rabbit.

Lea McMillan has photography in the Arts Barn and a birdhouse in the FFA barn.

Megan Miller has a market rabbit.

Peyton Miller is entered in the kid’s baking contest in the pavilion behind the Arts Barn on Saturday.

Rhonda Piper has entered cucumbers, sunflowers and zinnias.  You can find her in the Arts Barn.

Phoebe Richards has an oil painting in the Arts Barn.

Aiden Rucker has a lamb.

Andrew Speck has a breeding rabbit and a pen of three market rabbits.

Jeff Speck is entered in the Demolition Derby.