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Noche de Paz

by Melanie Main

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From Melanie:

As a musician, I was raised by three very different women.  Eleanor Wyant was my mother.  For 10 years, she built the foundation upon which I still stand.  The discipline of posture, hand position, and finger dexterity were lessons she taught with relentless diligence.  Jane Latolais was my cool aunt who took over my training in high school.  She helped me find my voice through the exploration of musical literature and style.  Finally, Rosie Williams was my college soul mate.  She showed me that music comes from your soul and hands can actually sing.  Together, they became my own version of A Christmas Carol, each with their own lessons to teach during a different phase of my life.   None of this would have been possible without my parents and Grandma Warthen.  They took me to lessons, bought the Finger Power and John Thompson books, made sure I practiced, and pretended that sound couldn’t pass the closed parlor doors.  They never once complained about the fact I did my best practicing after midnight.  They never told me I was too old to still be taking lessons in college and to focus on my major.  A true gift is parents who have faith their children can do anything and the patience to wait for it.  Only Mom and Dad believed I’d still be playing decades later.  Thank you.

The idea of creating a CD to support the Dominican Republic mission came to me when we were challenged during our 2017 visit to give something more of ourselves to grow this partnership.  My involvement in this mission came during a time in my life when I was searching.  The problem was, I didn’t know what I was seeking, and I certainly would never have thought to look in Sabaneta de Yasica for the purpose and relationships that would heal my heart and change my life.   There is very little more personal to me than my music.  It’s not perfect, but neither am I.  God wants our heart, no matter the condition.  This is my heart.  All money raised from the purchase of this CD goes directly to the medicine fund for this mission.  Dios te bendiga.  - Melanie